Additional Resources

Here are links to resources you may find interesting.

(Note that the links will take you to sites that are not affiliated with us in any way, thus we have no control over their content.)

Eucalyptus trunk

boxwood bullet  Garden Flowers of Southern California
- Dr. Barbara Collins, California Lutheran University

boxwood bullet  Plants of California
- A Guide to Useful, Edible and Medicinal Plants of California

boxwood bullet  Drought tolerant plant suggestions
- Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

boxwood bullet  Urban Bee Gardens
- Cal Berkeley

boxwood bullet  Huge Database of Plants
- U.S. Dept of Agriculture

boxwood bullet  List of California native plants
- Wikipedia

boxwood bullet  Plants that attract beneficial insects
- Mother Earth News

boxwood bullet  Beneficial insects move from flowering plants to nearby crops
- California Agriculture Online

boxwood bullet  Nature's Best in Nolensville, TN
      (same name, but no affiliation with us)