Gardens Are As Personal and Individual As You Are

John, Thousand Oaks

Picture of John with plants from Nature's Best Nursery New Hedge When seeking hedges for my back yard, I visited a lot of nurseries, but found the absolute best prices Nature's Best Nursery. Saul's knowledge and experience helped me to choose the right plants for my environment. He also offered planting tips and spacing guidelines so that I only needed to purchase the exact number of plants required. I highly recommend Nature's Best Nursery!
P.S. He showed me how to pack almost a dozen 5-gallon plants into my tiny little Audi!

Christine, Moorpark


"For me, shopping for plants is a lot like shopping for underwear! I'm the only one who knows what I want and very often I don't know what it is until I see it. Not just that, but gardening is a time when I let go of everything else and completely immerse myself in the experience.

I much prefer shopping for plants without the hassles of having someone hovering over me or following on my footsteps, as is the case at many of the commercial retailers. Too often, the person "assisting" has no more knowledge about a plant than me, and much less interest in my own personal gardening experience.

A garden should be an ever-evolving palette of colors, shapes, and varieties. And, while others prefer to hand a check to someone to plan, organize and cultivate their garden or orchard, I much prefer getting my hands dirty.

On the other hand (no pun intended), when I need or want the assistance of an expert, I want to know that someone is available, which is why I shop at Nature's Best Nursery. Saul Spigiel, owner and operator, is an encyclopedia of plant knowledge. Whether you just want to browse until you find the plants you like or you need his expert advise, in either case he's more than willing to oblige.

I've always enjoyed getting my hands dirty in the soil of my garden, so when I moved to California, I looked for a nursery that I could trust and whose proprietor shared my passion for plants. I'm happy to say that Saul at Nature's Best Nursery not only loves what he does, he loves helping you create a garden you love! He's a great resource for information and his pricing is by far the best I've come across in my community."